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Searching for QA, don’t send CV!

When you need to start searching for QA?
When you need to start searching for QA, this question appears often at the beginning of the project and top managers facing with decision making. Some managers starts to search QA Engineer at the beginning of the project and as for me it is best decision for you like product owner or top manager. If you hire QA at the beginning of project all problems will be resolved in a process of development and at the moment of release you will be sure that your project stable and free from bugs.Some managers starts to search QA Engineer when all almost done, but in this case you should know about risks and issues.
Risks and issues list
– Not meet deadlines
– Unstable project
– Unhappy clients
– Losing money and clients because of issues
– Vulnerability issues
– Performance issues ets.
– Increased costs(more wastage and re-working of faulty products)
Also in case if you add QA to team at the end of development process you should be prepared for continuous support because you will need to spend a lot of time on stabilization of product..

How to find needed professional. Required QA team size
When you searching for QA with experience you would face with problem which QA Engineer to hire Manual or Automation or even both.In best way better to hire both but not always your budget allows you to do this, so in this case better to hire General QA which will give you ability to test new features in a proper way and cover them by automation tests it will decrease time spend on Regression testing, also you will decrease your costs and increase your quality
Next problem which you will met whom to hire Junior QA Engineer or Senior QA Engineer , do you need to hire one QA engineer or entire team?It’s all depends from requirements. You could hire ten junior QA engineers but it’s will not increase quality ten times it’s will be wasting of time and money, because the don’t have needed skills to set up QA processes to create proper test cases which will cover entire project.So in any case better to have Senior/Middle QA which will organize testing workflow, create test doc, set automation tests suite, all this actions required even for small projects even if your developers highly skilled and project manager do all right.
QA benefits:
– Costs are reduced (because there is less wastage and re-working of faulty products as the product is checked at every stage)
– Improve dev motivation as they have more ownership and recognition for their work
– All staff responsible for quality
– Less or zero amount of issues after releases
– Stable project
– Less or zero amount of UI/UX issues
– Happy clients (if there are no issues with product there are no issues with clients)
– QA helps to develop a culture of continuous improvement.
– Groving of trust B2B and C2B