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When egg teach chicken (bug reports)

If you have a lot of experience in automation testing you could say (after reading of my posts):”egg don’t teach chicken”. Some times I am posting really simple things but for some people they are very useful so don’t nerves . In this short article I will describe how to create bug report.

Structure of bug report: 

Short description (contains description of bug, developer must understood about what is bug  where is it and when it appears also this information must be short but contains all required details)

Preconditions (Needed to decrease steps of reproducing bug)

For example user should be logged in, or some data should be already added, also here you can mention environment requirements if they needed

Steps to reproduce bug

Here you should describe all steps for bug reproduction (clicking on buttons openning of urls uploading of files etc)

Actual result

Describe actual result, add error message


Will be nice to add screenshots of bug also sometimes test data should be attached

Expected result

Describe correct behevior in this case

Priority and Severity of bug