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When manual QA should became Automation QA

When manual QA should became Automation QA?Biggest part of manual QA ask this question themselves. Let me share how it was in my case.I have started to think about automation QA career when I have got my first job of Manual QA. Because nowadays it’s not enough to be just Menual QA, you must be flexible as more as possible to get job, and if you receive project for testing be prepared to create automation tests for it.
First and main decision which need to made is which programming language to use for automation tests. According to statistic from JAVA and Python are most popular programing languages but decision always behind you…

Second decision, Selenium IDE or Selenium webdriver or…

Off-course better to start from  Selenium IDE, but don’t spend a lot of time on it, if you plan to be good Automation QA. Selenium IDE easy tool that allow you to generate automation test but it is preaty hart to support those tests, so Selenium IDE needed to understood basics of Automation tests
Third decision, which test framework to use
For JAVA stack better to use TESTNG, details read here

Fourth decision, courses or self-education

If you have money and less of time choose courses, if you have a lot of time and less money use self education.List of books for self education in the list below(it’s just a link to article you may choose yourself) link

All other steps behind you so if you have proposal please leave them in comments