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How to run same test few times?

images (2) To run same test few times just use parameter invocationCount, in the example below you will see test which runs 5 times, it has default priority equal to 0

@Test(priority = 0,invocationCount=5)

Plus you could use threadPoolSize

threadPoolSize( parameter for load testing ) set the size of the thread pool . The method with this parameter will be invoked from multiple threads as specified by invocationCount.
Note: this attribute is ignored if invocationCount is not specified

@Test(invocationCount = 2, threadPoolSize = 3)
public void load_test(){Load_test.loadTest();}


public static void loadTest()
    System.out.printf("%n[START] Thread Id : %s is started!",Thread.currentThread().getId());;
      System.out.printf("%n[END] Thread Id : %s",Thread.currentThread().getId());


If you want to run test in parallel  in the same time just change your your testng.xml(Note, if you use this variant to run test in parallel both test classes must have own setting)

<!DOCTYPE suite SYSTEM "" >

<suite name="Parallel_test_runs_ddi_dev" parallel="tests" thread-count="2">

    <test name="ddi_dev">
            <class name="TestCases_ddi_firefox"/><!--first class with tests inside -->
    <test name="ddi_dev_2">
            <class name="TestCases_ddi_2"/><!-- second class with tests inside-->